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What is WordPress?


WordPress is a tool Web of open code written in language PHP. In simple words, it is probably the system of management of contents Web (CMS) more powerful and easy to use nowadays.

Who uses WordPress?


These in good company if you use WordPress to publish content in the Web. Many great sites, famous, daily blogs, sites of celebrities and outstanding international companies use WordPress.

He is not stranger who sites of great relevance use WordPress, in fact if it gives curiosity you to know that sites use WordPress you can see showcase of WordPress. It will impress the amount to you of excellent websites that use WordPress to harness their website.

How I can begin to use WordPress?


Perhaps now you ask yourself, €œHow I obtain WordPress€

WordPress is free. If, it is truth €“ he is 100% free.

WordPress can be unloaded from the official website WordPress.org or also it can be installed directly from cPanel through the Softaculous application.

Then, what these hoping? It today begins to use WordPress to create a beautiful website.


 Characteristics of WordPress


  •  Simplicity the simplicity does possible that we can be in line and publish content of fast way. Nothing to interpose in the way so that you in line have a site with your contents. WordPress is done for that happens.


  • Flexibility with WordPress, you can create any type of website that you wish: a personal blog, fotoblog, an enterprise website, a professional portfolio, a website of government, a magazine or a newspaper in line. You can make a beautiful website with the groups, and extend his functionality with plugins. You can make your own application with WordPress.


  • It publishes easily If some you see you created a document, you are ready to publish content with WordPress. You can create new publications and new pages of simple form, to add images, bellboys and with a single click your content will be in line.


  • Publication tools cause that the administration of the content is easier. It creates rough drafts, program publications and it checks the revisions. Beam that your content is public or private, and assures your entrances or pages with password.


  • Administration of users all do not require the same access to your website. The administrators control the site, the publishers work in the content, authors and collaborators write the content, and the subscribers have their own profile who can handle. This allows that you have a variety of collaborator, and to let to others simply be part of the community.


  • Administration of Multimedia says that an image says thousand words, is why it is important for you to have the possibility of raising to images and contents multimedia WordPress. It drags the archives when uploader to add them to your website. It adds attributes, alt, titles, and inserts images and galleries in your content. Also we have added some edition tools of images so that you entertain yourself.


  • Standards of quality Each piece of code generated by WordPress is completely compatible with the standards of W3C. This means that your website will work in all the present navigators, while we maintain the standards for the navigators of the next generations. Your website is something beautiful, now and in the future.


  • Easy system of Wordpres groups comes with 2 groups by defect, but they do not seem, you can find thousands you of groups so that you can create a beautiful website. Is nothing of your pleasure? Your own group with a click raises. To only it will take some seconds to change the complete appearance you of your website.


  • It extends the Wordpress functionalities comes loaded from typical for each user, for each functionality exists plugin in the directory of plugins. It adds complex galleries, social networks, forums, protection anti Spam, calendars, SEO and forms.


  • System of commentaries Your blog is your house, and the commentaries provide a space to your friendly and followers to say something on your content. The tools of commentaries of WordPress give to be a forum of discussion and its moderation to you all the necessary one.


  • Optimized for finders When the head of the equipment anti Spam of Google says that WordPress is a great option, whereas clause the 80-90% of the mechanisms in the optimization for you, you know that you are in a good manager of contents. Many exist plugins of WordPress that helps you in the SEO task.


  • Multilenguaje WordPress is available in but of 70 languages. If your or person to whom him these designing the site in WordPress prefer a language different from the English, is very easy to do.


  • Easy installation and WordPress update have been always very easy to install and to update. If you know to use a client FTP, you can create a data base, raise WordPress via FTP and run the installer. You aren't familiarized with FTP? You do not worry, in hostname we offer installation of WordPress to a click from cPanel.


  • Importers Using a blog or cms with which not these contentment? Running your blog in a service that falls very followed? WordPress includes tools of import for Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, Tumblr and WordPress. If you are ready to make the change, we do it easy for you.


  • Your own information the services of hosting come and go. If sometimes you have used a service that disappears, you know the traumatic thing that it can be. If sometimes you have seen the commercial spots that appear in the Web, he is quite annoying. Using WordPress nobody will have access to modify your content. Your own information, that is. Your content, your information.


  • Wordpres freedom is licensed under lpg that was created to protect your freedom. You are free to use WordPress as you want: To install it, to use it, to modify it, to distribute it. The freedom of software is the base of WordPress.


  • Community How the manager of famous contents CMS but of the world, WordPress has a great support of the community. You do a question in the forums of support and obt©n help of the volunteers, attends events or chats to learn but on WordPress, read blogs and tutorial on WordPress. The community is the heart of WordPress, doing what is nowadays.


  • It contributes Your you can also be WordPress! Help to create WordPress, responds the questions in the support forums, writes documentation, translates WordPress to your language, speaks in the chats, writes on WordPress in your blog. Anyone is your level of experience, we want that you are part of WordPress.

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