In this opportunity, we will explain how to create an account of mail Outlook 2007 with the Imap protocol.

Imap is a protocol that allows you to visualize your post office in Outlook without erasing them of your webmail account of hosting. In order to begin to form our mail, we will open Outlook 2007 and we will do the following thing:

We will enter Tools and soon we will puncture in Configuration of the account:

Soon we will enter to New, to come to create a new account of mail. We select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP and punctured following.

What it takes to the window Automatic Configuration to us of the account, in which we will mark the option To form manually, and punctured in following choosing the alternative E-mail of Internet.

Within the configuration of e-mail Internet, we completed the fields as they are in the example. In type of account we chose IMAP.

TO REMEMBER that in the servers of entrance and exit wrath:

Mail. (Our domain) .cl, in this case the domain is

Once completed the data, we went to More configurations, as it shows the example.

In More configurations we went to options outposts and we only punctured in the option that says: My servant of exit (SMTP) requires authentication, and soon in accepting.