The importance of the location of the servant in a service of hosting

Speed of load of a webpage, conversions and SEO is some of the concepts involved in the lease of the servant. It discovers why it is important to consider it in your Web hosting. The companies rarely think where is his servant of lodging Web. Generally, a service or supplier of hosting chooses€¦ To continue

Essential elements for a good servant

Ram memory, a system of uninterrupted feeding and backup copies are vital to protect our information. It knows more now. Some companies have the option to have their own Web servers. This means, that they do not require of a service of hosting to have lodged his webpage or to realise another type of€¦ Continuing

Why it serves a servant FTP?

Or online or the premises, a servant FTP are essential for the transference of archives. It knows more in this article. Ever since Internet exists, it is that also the file transfer protocols exist. One of oldest is the FTP, which operates from year 1971. In any case, it is logical to think€¦ To continue

What are the servers and why they serve

Servers FTP, Web, of e-mails, basic of data? Here you will learn what is each of them, how they work and why they serve. All we have listened to sometimes the term servant, but without a doubt, those are few that know it. For example, to whom it has not happened to him that needs to buy a product in Internet€¦ To continue

How I have to choose rack for my servers?

A good election of rack can mark differences as far as the operation of the servers. It knows in five points the best way to do it. You know what is rack? Basically, it is a metallic shelf that serves to lodge electronic, computer science equipment and of communications. They are very common in companies that dedicate to the lodging Web€¦ To continue