Resources guaranteed with hostname
Many traditional companies of hosting, in a effort to attract more clients, do not make any type of limitation in the use of resources of their users. This means that if a client is occupying more of the resources of the servant who really corresponds (ex to him: the CPU, I/O of Disc, MySQL, Memory, etc.) all the other users who have accounts lodged in the same servant will be affected.
GifPlanet uses a technology of encapsulamiento for its users, where each user will have dedicated resources exclusive. This dramatically diminishes the possibility of undergoing some neck of bottle in the servant being in downtime of a webpage, in addition to improving the time of load of the websites for the visitors.
Limitless monthly transference
All our plans count on limitless a monthly transference. This means that it does not concern the amount of visits that arrives you during a month, does not matter how many unloadings realise in your site, does not matter how many archives you raise your page by means of FTP, will not be suspended your account of hosting. That is to say, you can realise these activities whatever you want without fear to cause downtime in your site.
Uptime is the term that talks about to the periods of time when a system, or in this case a website, works, he is available, and it is online. Downtime is the term that talks about to the periods of time when a system, or in this case a website, does not work, he is not available, and is offline.
Obvious uptime is impossible to guarantee 100%, but with hostname , you can hope to experience a 99.75% uptime of your website.
Plans of hosting fit to all the needs
GifPlanet counts on Web plans hosting adapted for any type of necessity, or, a blog of nascent, a site of small business with purchase car, until a site for a great and established company. The relation between space in disc, transference, CPU, and ram memory is precise and right according to each profile. This allows that everyone enjoyment of the necessary resources for the optimal yield of their project, and since the resources are dedicated according to necessity, it guarantees that nobody exceeds its limit and therefore it does not clear resources to the others.
Resources guaranteed for the basic infrastructure
In hostname we guaranteed the yield I continue of the servers who lodge your accounts of hosting. We count on generators of electricity and SAIs (systems of uninterrupted feeding) to guarantee the operation of the servers in case of a light cut; measures of control to prevent robberies and fires; and a dedicated team of computer science professionals to review and to maintain the equipment, and to repair them when it is necessary.
In addition, we were in charge to in line monitor and to assure the availability all our servers. Thus we assured the maximum uptime for your website.
When contracting a service of hosting with hostname , you can be felt surely of which the website will load fast and that to the users enchants to them to visit your website.
If you have some doubt with respect to the plan adapted for your project, call us to +51 1 707 1688, or write us to the located chat down, to speak with our equipment and so that they indicate to you which plan more adjusts to your needs of hosting.