These programs can seize of your equipment and rob personal information. What are and how to protect to you? Find out it now.

Nowadays, the malicious programs are many that make the rounds at present and that can harm our equipment. By the same it is that more than ever it is necessary to be kind to the forms that have the hackers or delinquents to accede to our archives and thus to take the necessary defenses.

And one of the main threats that we have today are bots and botnets. What are? Bots represents one of the more sophisticated cybernetic attacks and popular at present, since they allow the hackers to take the control from the equipment, and simultaneously, to transform them into equipment €œzombies€, that work as powerful botnet, that propagates virus, generates Spam, being committed other crimes and frauds.

What is bot?

In order to understand better what is what can get to do bot, first it is necessary to understand what is this. Bot is a malicious program, to take control of the control of an infected equipment. Generally, bots that also is denominated robots Web is part of a network of infected machines, called botnets, that as well, is composed by machines victims worldwide.

Because an equipment infected by bots carry out an order that occurs him, many people lie down to talk about to these equipment as zombies, a situation that increases day to day. Some of these botnets, can include hundreds or thousand of equipment and others they even tell on tens or hundreds of thousands of zombies to her service.

Many of these equipment and infect without their owners find out. There is some of form to know that we are victims? Bot can cause that your website is slower, shows some unknown messages, and even, it can cause that it fails.

How they work?

BotsMany ways exist so that bot is introduced in the team of a person, and generally are quite stealthy. These robots usually propagate in search of vulnerable and unprotected equipment to which they can infect.

Once bot takes the control from an equipment can carry out diverse automated tasks, as for example:

€“ To send spy Spam, virus and software.

€“ To rob private and personal information to communicate it to the malicious user. They remove numbers of banking credential, credit cards and all type of personal information.

€“ Denial-of-service attacks (Two) against a specific objective send. The cybernetic criminals extort to the proprietors of the sites by money in exchange for giving back the control to them of the affected sites.  Nevertheless, the systems of the daily users are the most frequent objective of these attacks, only look for to bother.

€“ Frauds through clicks realise. The swindlers occupy bots to increase to the invoicing of the publicity Web, when doing click in this publicity of automatic form.

The security is a fundamental element at present. This, since they circulate a virus countless number around Internet that could damage our archives and because people specialized in this scope exist, with the purpose of to be able to rob your data.

Not to undergo these problems the main thing is to contract to an efficient service of Web hosting, that offers all the guarantees necessary to protect and to endorse our information, along with offering all the resources us that our website needs.


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