A simplified menu, Webs with movement, parallax and the minimalism are not more the keys for an optimal design Web. It knows more here.

The design, like the SEO and that many other matters within digital marketing, must be in constant change. By the same it is that it is normal that the preparation of websites is evolving once in a while and that already they tell on a page in Internet, are changing it to adapt it to these requirements.

For this reason it is that it is good for knowing how what provides the world to us of the design in the short term, not to be outside which the users use and than, in many occasions, the finders hope.

A simpler menu

Menu WebFormerly it was normal, to see menus of websites with an extensive amount of sections, which without a doubt began to frighten the users. The idea at present is to do all simple and intuitive one, so that the users arrive from fast form at their destiny.

A good idea is to put between three and four options in the menu, betting by a minimalist design, that the user does not confuse.

The menu hamburger serves less and less

This type of menu, call pull-down menu is little by little spending to better life this year. This, because of some form he hides the different contents that the user could find in the Web or an application. The best thing is to show the variety to him of content that your website offers, something that Spotify already has done with its new application.

Goodbye to parallax scrolling

Parallax is a technique to impress the user, more than by utility terms. And it is that this effect not only is confused for the majority of the users, but also that increases the times of load of the Web, which without a doubt could harm to your SEO.

To give value to the movement

If it is used intelligently, the movement in a Web can be very beneficial. This one must be pertinent and that serves to focus the attention of the user and to maintain the continuation in navigation. One of the best examples is the one of Tumblr in its application.

Not more photos of bank of images

The best thing is to put original photos in the design of our Web, since the bad photos coming from bank of images at present do not have capacity of any form in the webpages. It is good that these images are of a good quality, so that they can well be seen and thus it does not affect the experience of user of the visitors.

Minimalist design

Sometimes, the people usually commit the error of repletar each one of the present spaces in the Web, something that is very far from the tendencies in design Web. The minimalism is what matters today, that is to say, to put the center in the yield, as the speed of load and elements that do not overload the site will be the light that guides the new designs.

In hostname we want that your website fulfills all the exigencies at present focused so much the users as to the finders. In addition, with our services you will be able to choose to hosting of quality, that will allow to have your site online, without interruptions and with a complete endorsement of your information, so that your data you are safe.


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