One landing page is fundamental for campaigns of Adwords, as long as it is done correctly. Here we told you how it must be.

The world of the design Web offers innumerable options to remove started off to him for a strategy from digital marketing for my company. And one of them page or landing pages is landing. What are these pages? It is a designed Web to turn visitors into leads.

The operation that has this type of pages is simple, since if we offer something attractive for the user, this one more will be arranged to leave personal information or of contact, through a form.

How work does one landing page?

One landing page must draw attention of the user and to take it to conduct some battle. For example, if a content in a blog exists about a subject in particular that it interests to him, will make click in a button that invites it to receive more information. That button will take it to one landing page where it will ask for his data to him of contact, in exchange for which it can unload the material of his interest.

This type of pages is thought for a campaign of Google Adwords, since announcements focused in a product or service in specific can be created, and once click becomes, the user will be redirigido to one landing page, with the characteristics of this one and the corresponding form, in case he wants to quote it or to buy it.

How have to be one does landing page?

The designs are varied and different from landing page, although the objective would always have to be the same. And it is that in addition to the design, the factors are others that will determine if ours landing is being successful or no.

Or the amount and format of the presented content, the number of fields of the form, salient connections, excellent additional information for the user and much more. By the same it is that we want to make a review by some characteristics that must have this landing page, along with some successful cases of landing pages.

Showy and attractive holders

It is always good for thinking that one landing is associate to a supply of value for the users, reason why surely the title is first who read, so he must be clear and he must leave in clear the benefit that will receive the person.

Next we presented an example to you of this:


Actionable content

The content of the supply must accompany the holder, finishing to explain the value and the importance that it owns for the user. The USA a suitable format that serves so that the user can understand the content of simpler way. A good idea is to introduce a listing of points that summarize the benefit of the supply.

Another advice who is useful is to use content multimedia that complements the initial supply, as it is possible to be seen in the following example.

Landing Example

Number of fields of the form

The forms are an indispensable element in one landing, since it allows us to collect valuable of the visitors to turn them into leads.

The number of fields in a form can vary, but while simpler it is, far better, since the user will be friendlier to be able to fill up it.

Ejemeplo Landing

To include testimonies

It is necessary to be careful to include testimonies, when it is really the case. A good testimony can help the user to finish contracting the service that was reviewing in landing page.

The testimonies allow to reinforce the intention of purchase of a user, when seeing that another already they have acquired it, with satisfactory results.

Landing example

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