To choose good reputation of domain is important. Here you will learn what is and how to choose it so that you are successful with your project Web.

We have already seen several basic concepts about the world of computer science and the Web hosting generally. By the same it is that we want to follow by that route and to bring another term to you that, perhaps, can be a little unknown for you: the domain Web.

What is a domain? Basically, a domain is the name that ties to a physical address that is generally a computer or an electronics and represent the directions of the webpages. Because Internet is based on directions IP €“ number that is to say, IP, of connection of each computer that is connected to Internet.

How it operates a domain?

He is somewhat complex and technician, reason why he is more advisable to explain it by means of an example. We suppose that direction IP of my webpage is, but as this number is so extensive and difficult to remember for my clients, it is the alternative to ask for a name for my company, tying to direction IP of the servant where it is lodged this page.

With this, the clients must put in the navigator and will be only redirigidos to the IP, connecting them with my servant, who sends the page to them, but all this, in fractions of second, reason why never you will notice these steps.

A simpler example still is what it happens with your mobile phone. There you go to the agenda of contacts and write a name, for example, Felipe, instead of writing a series of numbers whenever you want to speak with this person.

In addition, you must to know that domain Web composes of two parts, that is name of your company or project, in our case hn, and type of extension, that is what comes after the point, being used .com.

The most frequent extensions to see in the Web are .com, .net and .org. Also they are the extensions by geographic zone, as .pe, in the case of or .cl, in the case of for example.

What I must know before€¦?

Datacenter doubtsMany of the companies, prefer to buy the domain with the same name of their brand, which is turns out to be very good if that same company counts on a great recognition or has a good positioning in the web search engines.
Now, if it is beginning with a business, the best thing is to register domains than they involve words that are used by the clients at the time of looking for a certain service or product. For this tools as the planner of key words of Google Adwords or Google Trends exist.

By the same it is good that you follow the following recommendations:

€“ To choose a short name and that is easy to write and to remember.

€“ In the preferred thing, that is in a single language and that does not have numbers.

€“ As far as possible that does not have strange characters and that one owns extensi³, since .pe is used or, that is the corresponding one to .

Once you already selected the name of the domain, she is due to review if he is available and to buy directly. Thus you will be able to gain an identity in the Web and will have presence online that your clients will be thankful.

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