A datacenter is a fundamental element in the world of the Web hosting. It finds out in question and what types of Datacenter exist.

In the world of computer science it is normal that there are different concepts or terms that can be a little unknown. Hosting and servers are some of them. In first publications we saw and already we explained some terms related to the scope of the lodging Web, as for example, hosting shared, hosting dedicated and housing, among others. Today it is called on the turn to review what is a Datacenter or datacenter.

A Datacenter is a construction of a greater size in which electronic equipment are deposited necessary to be able to maintain a network of computers, that is to say, against with the appropriate energy, the ideal ventilation and an optimal security system. This system works under the modality of housing, this means, giving lodging Web to larger companies, protecting and compiling its digital information.

How they are classified?

The Datacenter own a classification that is called ANSI/TIA 942, which was elaborated in April of 2005 by the American National Standars Institute and that it has as objective to certify the availability of the components that have these constructions. For example, the size, the redundancy levels, the response times and others are the variables to consider.

All the previous one is moderate in four levels, that are the denominated TIER and while majors are these, more trustworthiness will be the one than they contribute.

€“ TIER 1: This class of Datacenter is made for small and medium businesses. Here the service can undergo interruptions, since it does not count on electrical distribution nor cooling system. The set-up time average is of three months and to realise maintenance workings, it will be necessary for the activity. Finally, the availability of the service is of a 99.67%.

Datacenter€“ TIER 2: This Datacenter corresponds to one superfluous one, this means, that he is less susceptible to interruptions, planned or no, with connection to unique line of refrigeration and electrical distribution. Its implementation lies down to delay of 3 to 6 months and counts on lifted grounds, generating helps or UPS. If they take place lack ferocity workings still the service must be interrupted and the availability arrives at the 99,74%.

€“ TIER 3: This type of Datacenter, generally, serves 24/7 and they are connected to multiple lines of electrical distribution and refrigeration, although just by one activates. That yes, for its maintenance is not necessary to stop the operation of the system, since the capacity is ideal to offer the service through other lines. The set-up time is much greater and goes of 15 to 20 months and owns availability of 99.82%.

€“ TIER 4: This type of Datacenter, is oriented to companies with presence at international level, as banks and multinationals. He is tolerant to faults, since he allows to multiple lines of distribution of electricity and refrigeration. Maintenances without affecting the service can be done and can respond before events nonplanned. Its implementation can go until the 20 months and their availability of 99.99%.

To contract a service of Datacenter, can be a good alternative for the companies medinas, great and far-reaching companies. The important thing is in knowing what is what better it complies to your needs and thus to take advantage of better the resources available.

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