It installs diverse applications Web to improve the yield of your website and thus to optimize the experience of your users.

When we are against the decision to contract to a service of Web hosting, he is essential to know on what tools we will be able to count to administer of simple way our lodging Web. It is here when the Softaculous term receives major relevance.

What is Softaculous? In simple words, this term talks about to a car installer, that is to say, by means of him different applications can be installed Web, with only a pair of clicks. The best thing of Softaculous is than it counts on a great variety of applications, that includes portals Web, solutions e-commerce, blogs, forums, surveys and much more.

In addition, it offers the option you to install another car installer and you can generate endorsements, which will offer the alternative you to make endorsements, so that, whenever you require it, you count on a copy of your facilities.

Contract your hosting and obt©n Softaculous

All the plans of hosting of hostname include Softaculous free and you can find it in your Control Panel, that is cPanel. When contracting one of our plans you will be able to enjoy multiple benefits, being able to find applications Web that will help to administer of a simpler way your Web you.

All the applications are ordinates by categories, reason why it will much more turn out simple to find those to you that you need and to select the language in which you want it to install. Also, another one of the benefits that you can acquire with Softaculous is with respect to the updates of your applications, much more quickly. Why it serves this? In order to offer more security to your site and to your servant.

Hard security

Security WebThe security is one of the main characteristics of Softaculous, since in the first place the information of the user is encriptada and it does not store to data as the accesses to the different applications Web, since they are installed on protocol HTTPS.

Also a space exists so that the diverse users can evaluate scripts and review the reviews that were created by other users, so that you much more have a clear idea of scripts that you wish to install.

Licenses of Softaculous

Softaculous has two types of licenses: Premium and free. In what is this difference? In the amount of scripts that each of them puts for its users, since first it has more than 350 applications, whereas second, only 55.

If a comparison becomes, we can emphasize that the gratuitous version lacks some characteristics that yes the Premium version owns, as for example, the alternative to create and to install customized applications. The option to add scripts and to modify e-mail groups, to name some. In addition to the previous thing, both versions count on some characteristics that are common, as that are detailed next.

€“ Evaluations of the users.

€“ Reviews of the users.

€“ Scripts PHP.

€“ Installation of applications occupying HTTPS.

€“ Installation of applications occupying IP.

€“ Applications in different language.

€“ Import of installed applications of form manual and much more.

In hostname we counted on a great variety of lodging plans Web, so that your website does not remain simultaneously without the suitable capacity of storage and, counts on all the necessary resources for an optimal performance.

Finally, with Softaculous you will have to your disposition hundreds of applications Web to improve the administration of your Web, of a simple and fast way.


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