Why to contract HN.pe?
In hostname we are a group of enterprising young people, fans of the Internet, innovators in the world of Web Hosting, and enthusiastic to solve the lodging problems Web that have our clients and the vian public generally.
An excellence history
Everything began in Santiago, , in 2007, with a small business and a great vision: to offer the best services from hosting to all South America. Since then we have been developing our capacities, systems and services to be able to size offer plans and products for which they need services of hosting. Quickly we expanded our activities of lodging beyond the an border, to help our with-Latin Americans to send and to grow its businesses online. In 2015, attemped mainly by the food, we officially opened our branch dedicated to hosting, to be able better to lie down the increasing needs of the vian industry of Internet.
Now we counted with more than 8 years of professional experience in the heading, thanks to which we understand the needs of holders of websites, businesses online and owners of data bases of all the sizes, from the most infrequent blogueros to governmental organizations.
But we did not lose of view the details
Nevertheless we continued being the same small company that puts attention to the details in all aspect of our service. Therefore we understand very well to our Co-SMEs, and very clearly know his needs and the challenges that face with respect to the Internet and websites.
Own infrastructure
It is by just like always we bet 100% by our own infrastructure. To make our own technology not only allows that we enjoy our works (after all we are computer science and it enchants to construct to us and to innovate with the computer science equipment), but also (and the more important for you) that we can personally guarantee the quality and security of the systems and products that we are renting to you.
A service of customized support
In addition it allows us to offer a service to you of efficient and effective support. Any problem or doubts that you have with respect to your service, it we can solve we €“ since nobody knows our machines better than we. That means we do not have to hope nor to pay to an organization third to do lack ferocity to him to our infrastructure, which is also reflected in the low prices that we can offer to you.

Contact to us and you verify by same you!
In fact, we are very proud of our service of attention to the client. We offer a service of diligent and customized technical support, but also not only have areas dedicated of sales, post-sales and invoicing to your disposition. But you do not entrust yourself only in our word. Contact to us today to begin your test on watch free and verify it you yourself.

With hostname and cPanel its service of hosting will be much more easy to use, includes tools for the creation of accounts of e-mail, creation and database management, between many other functionalities that will allow to remove the greater benefit him from their service of hosting.

Hosting with cPanel of hostname includes the car tools installation of scripts, to a single click you will be able to install hundreds of applications of automatic form with our system of car installation of scripts Softaculous in which she will be able to accede to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle among others applications in his last versions available and to a single click of distance.

Our services of hosting also allow him to form their services of e-mail of external form, Google Apps with hosting of hostname, in cPanel step by step is including wizard for the implementation of Google Apps Standard with their account of hosting.

All the plans of hosting count on an administration interface friendly Web called cPanel interface of administration friendly Web called cPanel administration interface friendly Web called cPanel.interfaz of administration friendly Web called cPanel.