Plan VPS Semi Dedicado Windows

This plan is ideal for company that they still require of a typical servant similar to dedicating of 8 GB of RAM for economic price.

From Monthly S/.600 + igv
Monthly price
S/.600 + igv
Semester price
S/.3.480 + igv
Annual price
S/.6.600 + igv
Windows Server
CPU The 4 Cores
Ram memory (Guaranteed) 8 GB
Disc space 100 GB
Access root
Monthly transference Limitless
License Windows Not including
Public directions IP 1
Remote Boot
Remote Reboot
Extinguished Remote
Reinstallation of Operating system
Modification of password
SSH console via Web
Modification of hostname
Administration of IP's 1
Statistics of Use



Centos is a distribution of Linux based on the sources freely available of Red Hat. Each version of Centos is maintained during 7 years (with of updates of security). Each version to free every 2 up-to-date years and with regularly for the support of new hardware.
Our fully-managed plans include our assistance with just about any issue or configuration request you May have, outside of custom software/script installation


Control Panel: cPanel

With and cPanel its service of hosting will be much more easy to use, includes tools for the creation of mail accounts electron

To contract

We are a group of enterprising young people, handled to our own servers of Web hosting and we focused in the attention the client

Endorsements every day

Hosting with endorsement of information every day of the month. We maintain endorsements of every day during 30 days.

Own Datacenter

We count on own Datacenter, which assures opportune answers and the best connectivity to the best price.

Websites: to rvSitebuilder

He designs his website free, you put you devise and we them tools for the construction of his website.

What is the Hosting

Hosting (also known as lodging Web or Web hosting) is the business of storage and stios file maintenance for one or the more Web providing access through Internet.

Guaranteed resources

Processor, Ram memory Hard completely guaranteed and Disco for each servant.

Automatic installation of scripts

Softaculous allows him to install more than 50 applications different just by a pair from clicks (Joomla! , WordPress, moodle, etc.)

We stood out

We have customized support, we have own infrastructure in .