Dedicated servant Intel G3220 Linux

This plan of dedicated servers Intel G3220, is thought for those companies or people who require of the power and independence of dedicating. If you consider that your site or your system requires of greater yield then the dedicated servant Intel G3220 is your option, in in addition you will be able to decide that technology to use.

From S/.179.650 Monthly + IVA
Monthly price
S/.179.650 + IVA
Semester price
S/.1.024.005 + IVA
Annual price
S/.1.976.150 + IVA
Linux CentOS (ºlitma version)
Disc space 500 GB
Ram memory 8 Gb de RAM
CPU Intel Pentium G3220
IP 1 Public IP
cPAnel WHM To Request



Centos is a distribution of Linux based on the sources freely available of Red Hat. Each version of Centos is maintained during 7 years (with of updates of security). Each version to free every 2 up-to-date years and with regularly for the support of new hardware.


Software that accompanies to Cpanel, planned for distributors Web, suppliers and representatives of lodging systems Web.

Windows Server

Windows Server is an operating system designed for its use in Web servers. It offers laseguridad, the manageability and the intelligence of extension in a servant platform

SQL Server

SQL Server is a system for the database management rendered by Microsoft been becoming in the relational model. It constitutes the solution of Microsoft to other high-sounding systems database managers.


Control Panel: cPanel

With hostname and cPanel its service of hosting will be much more easy to use, includes tools for the creation of e-mail accounts.