To administer its account of hosting with cPanel never was so easy. GifPlanet gives to its clients a friendly Control Panel, intuitive and the best thing is than it is in Spanish, so that nobody has problems with the handling of the service of hosting.

With hostname and cPanel its service of hosting will be much more easy to use, includes tools for the creation of accounts of e-mail, creation and database management, between many other functionalities that will allow to remove the greater benefit him from their service of hosting.

Hosting with cPanel of hostname includes the car tools installation of scripts, to a single click you will be able to install hundreds of applications of automatic form with our system of car installation of scripts Softaculous in which she will be able to accede to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle among others applications in his last versions available and to a single click of distance.

Our services of hosting also allow him to form their services of e-mail of external form, Google Apps with hosting of hostname, in cPanel step by step is including wizard for the implementation of Google Apps Standard with their account of hosting.

All the plans of hosting count on an administration interface friendly Web called cPanel interface of administration friendly Web called cPanel administration interface friendly Web called cPanel.interfaz of administration friendly Web called cPanel.