Speed of load of a webpage, conversions and SEO is some of the concepts involved in the lease of the servant. It discovers why it is important to consider it in your Web hosting.

The companies rarely think where is his servant of lodging Web. Generally, a service or supplier of hosting chooses that is to them advisable in the economic part. Nevertheless, still a good number of companies exists that do not consider the location of the lodging servant Web.

They work by means of the creation of a system of servers proxy, who use existing datacenters, which allows the end users to take advantage of a near joining point to obtain a greater yield, even when the business is to hundreds or thousands of kilometers of distance.

However, the companies still must think critically on the location of the servers dedicated of his webmaster or supplier of lodging chosen Web, since this can affect the times of load, the sales and even the SEO. This, without mentioning that the benefits of the suitable location of the servant in the lodging Web can generate more conversions and a more healthful basic line.

Faster times of page load

It is not any secret that the geographic proximity near the servant gives as result faster times of load. When it is considered what so vital is the time of load of the page for the present users of the Web and the movable devices, this is an important consideration for any company that chooses a location of lodging servant Web.

According to KissMetrics, a company of marketing analysis, 40% of the people leave a website if they take more than 3 seconds in loading, which is fundamental for the strategy of any business that operates of form online.

Therefore, the location of the servant of your website can mark a great difference. When it is possible, it must aim to locate it in a central place for the majority of your clients. This is the reason for which many companies trust the CDN because they make possible the use of servers in more areas and, therefore, serve to more users with fast loads of page. Nevertheless, for a small company, it can be better to choose the location of his servant of lodging Web.

Time of Load

Majors rates of conversion

When you can generate faster times of load with his page, this can be translated in majors rates of conversion, since the users do not have problems to leave a page that takes too much in loading itself. This is especially certain for the users of movable devices, where the rate of abandonment after 3 seconds is still greater (more of 50%) or where there is a high rate by ricochet. When offering fast loads of page with a service of lodging located Web, will lose less users to the abandonment of the site.

With more people than really they visit your site and they do not click because it is taking much in loading itself, has more opportunities to turn those visitors into clients.


Better classifications search

The local SEO is an important factor for the companies that they look for to gain traffic. After all, you wish that the clients in your immediate area can find your business. It is why the local busines optimize their pages with specific key words of the location. If the servant of lodging of his website also is in the area, he can improve his local SEO still more. This is due that the robots of tracking of the web search engine can see where is lodged its website to determine where its company will physically be located.

In addition, the pages that demonstrate consistently fast speeds of load and encourage to the users to remain in the site during more time, reason why have higher dwell times, which is another crucial factor when the web search engines create their classifications of results.

SEO Hosting


When Web is the importance of the location of the servant in the lodging, everything is reduced to the speed. When your servant of lodging Web is near your company and its clients, he will undergo faster times of load, which is translated in less abandonments, majors rates of conversion and a better SEO. Therefore, it is an essential factor that must consider a company.

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