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The importance of the location of the servant in a service of hosting

Speed of load of a webpage, conversions and SEO is some of the concepts involved in the lease of the servant. It discovers why it is important to consider it in your Web hosting. The companies rarely think where is his servant of lodging Web. Generally, a service or supplier of hosting chooses€¦ To continue

Essential elements for a good servant

Ram memory, a system of uninterrupted feeding and backup copies are vital to protect our information. It knows more now. Some companies have the option to have their own Web servers. This means, that they do not require of a service of hosting to have lodged his webpage or to realise another type of€¦ Continuing

What is the rate by ricochet of my website?

When it is originated a session of a single page and are no interactions we are before a bounce. You want to know more? It reviews the following article. What happens if a user enters a webpage and it closes it without making no action in her? Probably it does not serve in anything to the business, this is what analyzes€¦ To continue

Why it serves a servant FTP?

Or online or the premises, a servant FTP are essential for the transference of archives. It knows more in this article. Ever since Internet exists, it is that also the file transfer protocols exist. One of oldest is the FTP, which operates from year 1971. In any case, it is logical to think€¦ To continue

How to create a good page 404?

Optimal 404 can be the difference between losing a client or fidelizar it. You what you will do? Here we gave some keys to you. A good design Web considers many elements. From the design responsive, to pages 404 is excellent. In fact, it is in this last point where we will pause, since he is not something simple. €¦ To continue

Why it is important to implement email marketing?

More personalisation and less costs mean an email campaign marketing. It discovers more benefits for you and your business in this article. For anybody it is already a mystery that the digital world offers a series of options, when it is to arm a campaign of digital marketing. And it is that the factors are many that€¦ To continue

It influences hosting in the SEO of our Web?

The times of load and falls in the service can harm your SEO. It chooses good hosting so that you arrive at the top of Google. Websites, hosting and SEO are three fundamental elements at the time of arming a robust strategy of digital marketing and these three concepts are related to each other. Many create€¦ To continue

What is one landing page and how to take advantage of it?

One landing page is fundamental for campaigns of Adwords, as long as it is done correctly. Here we told you how it must be. The world of the design Web offers innumerable options to remove started off to him for a strategy from digital marketing for my company. And one of them page or landing pages is landing. What is€¦ To continue

What comes as far as design Web?

A simplified menu, Webs with movement, parallax and the minimalism are not more the keys for an optimal design Web. It knows more here. The design, like the SEO and that many other matters within digital marketing, must be in constant change. By the same it is that it is normal that the preparation of€¦ Continuing

What is Softaculous?

It installs diverse applications Web to improve the yield of your website and thus to optimize the experience of your users. When we are against the decision to contract to a service of Web hosting, he is essential to know on what tools we will be able to count to administer of simple way our lodging Web. It is when the Softaculous term here€¦ To continue