The times of load and falls in the service can harm your SEO. It chooses good hosting so that you arrive at the top of Google.

Websites, hosting and SEO are three fundamental elements at the time of arming a robust strategy of digital marketing and these three concepts are related to each other. Many think that a relation between hosting and the positioning does not exist, but are in a serious error. Why? We want to explain it now.

As far as the SEO, the changes in the algorithm of Google are many, reason why it is necessary to be constantly updated. But also many myths about this, that exist he is better to clarify.

It concerns the location of hosting?

This is a question that more of somebody has become, but is necessary to clarify the answer. The location of hosting properly so does not affect of direct form to the positioning in the finders. That is to say, the place where the data of the Web are lodged, does not affect its accessibility.

At the moment, the alternatives are many that computing gives to us cloud, which causes that it does not affect the location directly, but the connectivity. Therefore, more than to worry about where it is the Web, the main preoccupation must be putting as soon as Google in arriving there takes.

The main objective is to reduce the most possible access times to the information on the part of Google, reason why the quality of the supplier yes could influence in the positioning in the web search engines.

What other factors related to hosting repel in the SEO?

SEOAs we already mentioned, it is not the only one factor that has impact in the SEO. Reason why next we want to indicate some other aspects to you that could benefit or harm €“ depending than you do your strategy of digital marketing.

€“ The times of load of the Web: A this factor very important to consider, since Google has this point as one of the main ones. By the same it is that it is important that we construct a webpage with a good infrastructure, so that loaded in not more than two seconds.

€“ The extension of the domain: It is not a absolutely excellent aspect, but it can influence. Concerning SEO, your page is not going to position better, for being a .CL, although the geolocalizaci³n is an aspect to consider.

€“ Downtime or interruption in the service of hosting: All this is relative and will depend on more on a factor, but by all means that if the fall of the service affects negatively to the experience of the user, Google will consider it.

€“ The antiquity of the domain: Another one of the aspects that can have interference is the antiquity of the domain Web. This could benefit your SEO, as long as that domain has worked of previous way. If the domain is old, but it has not been working in him for years, then it will not contribute any type of extra help for the positioning.

The positioning Web SEO is a tool to which we can remove much benefit to him, by the same it is that he is advisable to pay attention to these advice so that you choose a good service of Web hosting, as whom we have in hostname.

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