Indicators of the security of hosting of hostname
In order to guarantee the security of our servers and accounts of hosting, hostname counts on several mechanisms that allow that you can safely manage your website, and that your clients can sail of stable form. By means of the implementation of effective protective measures, we have your security under control.
Security of Software
In hostname we realised the update of systems, applications, and programs, as soon as the new versions leave. To count on the last version of a program means that your hosting will have protection against the last detected vulnerabilities, and will have the last solutions to potential faults of security. By all means the update frequency depends on you €“ if you do not want to so often update your applications, or prefer to receive an alert when already the last update is available, perfect €“ we were satisfied to your rate.
Security of Hardware
Routinely we executed I scan and a cleaning of the hardware of hostname €“ that is to say, the servers and physics would scheme it that your accounts of hosting lodge. We review the systems frequently, and we implemented measures so that a servant does not become vulnerable to the virus or cybernetic attacks. In addition, to guarantee the physical security of the equipment we must installed a network of cameras of monitoring and a system of code that limits the entrance to our facilities to protect against robberies; as well as generating, SAIs (systems of uninterrupted feeding), and a system of air conditioning to assure the optimal and constant yield the equipment.
All our accounts of hosting come with the Control Panel cPanel including. This allows that each user has a space deprived from where handling his account of hosting, access to which is exclusive and low individual password of the holder. cPanel also allows you to make your own endorsements of your website from your Control Panel, in addition to the backup copies that we realised, to be doubly safe.
All our plans of hosting shared work on the basis of Linux, most robust of the platforms of servers. Linux is an operating system of opened code, which means that it has a community of users who are it constantly improving, finding possible faults of security and solving vulnerabilities. Therefore you can stable FIAR that your hosting counts surely on an operating system and.
The physical and computer science security of your hosting is in good hands 24/7.
Aside from having the latest in digital security systems and online, hostname counts on a team of expert professionals in hosting that takes care of the well-being of the servers and the users. Our computer science technicians are in charge to assure the security your data 24 hours to the day, 7 days to the week. They respond before the smaller doubt or the minimum alert of before mentioned monitoring cameras.
. and further on
If still you have some restlessness about the security of your site, you do not doubt in reviewing all the resources that we have here to your disposition in our webpage or by means of a telephone call. For tips and advice in the security area, he leafs through the section of our site dedicated to tutorial videos, or passes you through our blog where there are numerous entrances that include the subject of the security. Finally, if you do not find the answer to your consultation, contact to you with our center of support by means of the indicated number above or write to the chat that is in the corner right inferior of your screen. They always are prepared to help you.