Credit union BCP

Deposit in cash, electronic Transference, International Payment with checks, Transferences, etc.

Credit union BCP.

Sun checking account:

°: 193-2167091-0-07
Interbank code:

Trade name: GifPlanet SAC

RUC: 20600640624

It always remembers to send supporting of payment to [email protected]

Payments through Paypal

For payments with Paypal it must follow the following steps:
1. - It enters his Clients Area of
2. - Click makes on the Link See Coupon of Payment
3. - The option of Paypal Payment chooses. He will be redirigido to the website of Paypal with the amount to pay in Dollars.
4. - It enters his account of Paypal
5. - It verifies that all the data are correct.