Long or complex domains to remember are part of the habitual mistakes. It finds out what is what you must avoid, so that you are successful with your project Web.

For a company, the image is it everything. Of this one, for example, which will depend that it generates confidence in the clients, is crucial to reach new businesses, that let grow your company. And one of the fundamental things that you must consider when you enter the digital world, is to count on a domain Web and a powerful website.

The domain Web is important, although all do not offer such denomination him, reason why usually they fall in errors, that in the long run harm the image of the company. And it is that around the domain Web and of other concepts as the Web hosting, exists certain disinformation. By the same it is that we want to help you to that I do not commit mistakes around the domain Web.

Why it is important to choose a domain Web?

So that you understand it better, the domain Web is as your name. To anybody it would like to have any name, by the same it is that the parents worry to choose good reputation for their children, and thus he does not bring repercussions to them in the future.

A name serves to identify something, by the same is that a domain name is so excellent. Ten in account in addition, that in this case, the name must transmit something more, since it must have some elements that help to position it in the mind of your hearing.

Therefore it is that we mean to you what is what you do not have to do, when this transcendental moment arrives:

To design your corporative image before the domain

It can happen that you make your corporative cards and are spectacular, nevertheless, perhaps you have not realized that the name used in them, already is registered on the other person and in fact, it exists. This not only will mean an economic loss, but it will also cause that you must reframe the idea to you of the business.

It is fundamental that you verify if the domain name that you want not already is registered.

Not to offer importance to the extension

Extension of DomainWhat is the extension of domain? He is what follows the domain, that can be .com, .net, .pe and a long list of others. The domains that they position better are .com and by a locality thing, .pe is optimal for . This, because they position of better form in the finders.

Some extensions exist that are penalized by the web search engines, since at some time they were economic options, but that were used for bad practices of SEO.

To choose a very long domain

To choose a domain very long Web is one of the worse things than you can do, since the users will not deliver a so great attack to remember your name. By the same, it is necessary to facilitate the task to them.

In addition to the previous thing, if he is very long, majors exist probabilities that it is bad writing, which makes difficult that they find it.

To select a name similar to another brand

A domain that is unique, that is short, easy chooses to remember and that it does not use generic terms. When a company is had the ideal is to be different itself from the rest, since you offer something only or with some added value, by the same is that it is good that your name of domain reflects this.

To decide on a domain difficult to remember

Your name of domain must be memorable and reproducible. Of this form to a user he will be to him much more simple to reproduce it to others, so that your image and reputation are growing.

On the other hand, it must be a name that has relation and so beams or with the services that deliveries.

Elements exist another to which you must to put attention as for example, that is simple to pronounce, that it does not have spelling errors, that do not contain points or scripts, that although it can seem a little obvious, not always are it.

In hostname we want to help to that you choose a perfect domain Web for the website of your company and can of this form to begin to take off with your business, doing to you good reputation you in the world online.


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