Ram memory, a system of uninterrupted feeding and backup copies are vital to protect our information. It knows more now.

Some companies have the option to have their own Web servers. This means, that they do not require of a service of hosting to have lodged his webpage or to realise another type of tasks. With this, you must know that the equipment must be ignition 24/7 and to have the potential sufficient to hold, since of another form your page would fall and it would not be accessible.

Although some measures can be taken to mitigate these problems, as having several servers in the network, the exigencies of hardware that requires an own servant, as much of Linux as of Windows, they are majors much that those of a normal computer. In hostname we gave some advice to you exceeds what must matter to you.

Fundamental aspects of a Web server

Ram memoryTo make a Web server is not a simple task since also according to your needs it is that you will more or less need power hardware. By the same it is that we want to set out the five more vital elements to you to create a Web server:

€“ Computer for servant: The computers for servant usually are greatest physically than it has in the store. A servant with any PC can be done, but it is not recommendable if the tower is not the suitable one. An essential aspect in which you must put attention is in the refrigeration and the ventilators. Fix to you that they have an ample grid, own of a servant to avoid the overheat of the equipment.

€“ Ram memory: When the users accede to the page who you have lodged in the servant, they execute scripts, data bases and another series of requests take place consultations SQL for that consume ram memory. Whatever more ram memory has, better will be the yield, since you will be able to execute greater number of action at the same time. The reasonable minimum is of 3GB.

€“ Microprocessor: It is not worth a normal CPU to you of user. He is not the same to open several applications in a computer to acceptable speed that to take care of a great number of consultations continuously. It is necessary a disc formed in rhelp so that there is more redundancy and tolerance of data. Thus, you will need one or several processors multinucleus that can take care of way requests appellant.

€“ SAI: A SAI is preferable (System of Uninterrupted Feeding) to secure energy redundancy and to come up as well as they can affect the electrical power failures to your webpage.

€“ Backup copy systems: All the forecasts are few when it is to keep contents from third parties. We must have a system of backup copies or backups, that allows us to keep from automatic form what lack does. A external hard disk can serve to us if we did not need too much space.

These are some elements to which you must pay much attention if you are thinking about having your own servers and not contracting the services of hosting of a third party. You consider other elements important?


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