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What is cPanel?


cPanel is a Control Panel for Web hosting based on Linux that a graphical interface gives and tools of automatization that simplify the processes to store a website.

cPanel uses a structure of 3 layers that give capacities of administrator, remarketer and to end users owners of websites to control the diverse aspects of a website and the administration of the servant by means of any navigator.

Additionally to the graphical interface, cPanel includes a console of commandos and access to a API that the use of software of third parties allows, Web companies hosting and developer for the automatization in the processes of systems management.

cPanel is designed to as much work in dedicated servers or virtual servers. The last version of cPanel supports the installation in several operating systems as: CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and CloudLinux. The version cPanel 11,30 is the last version supported for FreeBSD.

cPanel includes: Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl and BIND (DNS). Support of Email includes POP3, IMAP, smtp. cPanel is accessible via Web in port 2082 or https in port 2083

How to enter to cPanel?


In order to begin to use cPanel, we only must open a navigating Web, the one that we used normally, or Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Operate, Safari.


URL access cpanel

The form to accede is easy, we only must know the name our domain. For example: for the site

The forms to enter to cPanel would be the following:

  • (via SSL)

Anyone of the 3 forms allows you to accede to cPanel, once you enter is going to you to ask for user and password.

login of access cPanel

The information that you receive at the time of contracting the service of hosting with the access keys is your credentials of access. cPanel is a tool that improves the form considerably of how we administered the websites with the use of tools of automatization by means of a amigrable interface for the end user.


Characteristics of cPanel


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email icon     Mail

It creates accounts of mail, redirections and auto answers for your e-mails. It fights the Spam with BoxTrapper, SpamAssassin Apache, and authentication of email.


icon security     Security

It forms your directories protected by password, refusal of directions IP, SSL/TLS, and options of GnuPG keys to restrict the access. It protects your website with Protection of HotLink, Anti Leech and Mod Security.


icon domains     Domains

It uses additional subdomains, domains, parked domains and redirections to aim in the right direction at the visitors. Administration of DNS by means of the Simple Publisher of DNS and the Advanced Publisher of DNS.


icon applications    Applications

Taking advantage of the applications of third parties as software for blogs, forums, sites of ecommerce and many applications to construct a robust and dynamic website.


icon archives    Archives

It publishes and it endorses archives and folders while you monitor the disc use of your website.


icon data bases     Data bases

It stores great amount of data and it limits the access using data bases MySQL and PostgreSQL.


icon logs     Logs

It knows your hearing and obten reports of yield using Webalizer and AWStats.


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