Optimal 404 can be the difference between losing a client or fidelizar it. You what you will do? Here we gave some keys to you.

A good design Web considers many elements. From the design responsive, to pages 404 is excellent. In fact, it is in this last point where we will pause, since he is not something simple.

When a URL is entered that does not exist or it does not throw a result, the servant sends to a message of error with 404 code and the phrase €œNot Found€. This answer offers little information him to the user €“ although he is most traditional, reason why many decide on a customized page 404.

If we spoke technically, state HTTP 404 means that hosting has communicated with the servant, but the result without success has looked for. First the 4, mean that the user has realised something badly, whereas the 0 demonstrates a syntax error. Finally, the 4 end identifies the specific kind of problem.

However, not always one is an error of the user, since 404 can be exhibited for different reasons, between whom emphasize:

€“ Connections badly entered in bellboys or the text of the page.

€“ Content that existed, but that already has been eliminated of the servant.

€“ A modification of the URL, without update of the connections.

For this reason and not to lose the opportunity fidelizar to the user and/or to register a conversion it is that pages 404 must offer a utility content.

Why so is important the content of a page 404?

Many people exist or companies that focus in showing an attractive design in pages 404 and although this is something positive, not always are most important. And it is that in this type of pages, the content is something fundamental.

The information that is given in this space of the site, will be able to define the possibilities that the user continues sailing the site or leaves it completely, determining if the visit were a good or bad experience of user.

How to make a good content?

Content WebThe main intention of the contents must go oriented to help to the user, facilitating the most possible action. What you can do:
€“ Sample options: Help to that the user finds what looked for. For this, it shows to the main sections of the site or the most popular contents.

€“ Delivery direction: It explains in brief words what is 404 and the reasons of its origin. The USA a simple language, without technicalities, not to confuse them. If the problem were a tipeo error, the user will be able to find out and to correct it right away.

€“ Sample the map of the site: In order to give a general vision of the options of the site, you can offer sitemap.

€“ The contact facilitates: If the user were looking for something that no longer is online, it will need to contact to the company of direct form to solve it. It includes in your page 404 data of contact as telephones or mails so that it can make the respective consultations.

€“ The error assumes: The user would not have to feel that he committed a mistake, since could be frustrated and leave the site. It is necessary to transmit that what happened was a common problem and that the site is working of normal form.

He also remembers that it is good for placing a button that allows to return to the Home of the site, this way can see a general presentation of the contents and continue with his search. Also, the finders play an important roll, since if does not give and so it wants, can introduce a term or the exact words that help him to arrive at the destiny.

A good page 404 will allow that your users continue sailing in the site and you do not lose a visit or a possible client. It takes care of your business.

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