5 advice to avoid computer science attacks

Protocols of protection and the use of encriptados archives are part of the methods not to be victims of hackers. The computer science attacks are bread of every day at present. We only think that at the beginning of the decade of the 90, each hour was developed to a virus, however today, exist three virus€¦ To continue

What are the computer science attacks?

The computer science security is vital at present, to avoid cases of computer science attacks. It discovers more on these practices. In a world more and more globalised and where the Technologies of the Information take more aspects from our personal and professional life, it is that also more we are exposed to undergo some computer science attack€¦ To continue

What is a CMS and which are most popular?

The content managers are popular to give facilities at the time of creating a page. He now knows the most suitable for your project Web. For the people who are bound to the world of the technology, abbreviation CMS is something habitual. Nevertheless, for those who just start off in this world, perhaps it is€¦ To continue

What is hosting to reseller?

You want to initiate your own business of hosting? To contract a service of hosting to reseller can be a good idea, if you consider some factors. If you are thinking about beginning with an own business, then you could consider within your options hosting to reseller. What means this term? If we translate it, hosting to reseller could be defined as remarketer€¦ To continue

What are the servers and why they serve

Servers FTP, Web, of e-mails, basic of data? Here you will learn what is each of them, how they work and why they serve. All we have listened to sometimes the term servant, but without a doubt, those are few that know it. For example, to whom it has not happened to him that needs to buy a product in Internet€¦ To continue

What is a domain Web and what I must know before buying one?

To choose good reputation of domain is important. Here you will learn what is and how to choose it so that you are successful with your project Web. We have already seen several basic concepts about the world of computer science and the Web hosting generally. By the same it is that we want to follow by that route and to bring another term to you€¦ To continue

How I have to choose rack for my servers?

A good election of rack can mark differences as far as the operation of the servers. It knows in five points the best way to do it. You know what is rack? Basically, it is a metallic shelf that serves to lodge electronic, computer science equipment and of communications. They are very common in companies that dedicate to the lodging Web€¦ To continue

What is does a Datacenter and why serve?

A datacenter is a fundamental element in the world of the Web hosting. It finds out in question and what types of Datacenter exist. In the world of computer science it is normal that there are different concepts or terms that can be a little unknown. Hosting and servers are some of them. Already in€¦ Continuing

Chapter #6: Fast guide of Web hosting

You know what is housing and in what consists? We want to explain this concept to you so that you handle it the other way around and to the right.   Since we have been reviewing with the passage of the weeks and these mini tutorials, the world of hosting is quite ample. Different concepts and terms exist that are habitual, but that€¦ To continue

Chapter #5: Fast guide of Web hosting

What are the dedicated servers and why they are so necessary for some companies? In our fast guide of Web hosting already we have explained more general concepts about what he is hosting and the types of hosting that exist. From we began there to deepen a little in each of them€¦ To continue more