What must have a good website?

Simple, responsive design and with a characteristic typography is part of the keys. You want to know more? It enters and finds out it. You have a business or company and accounts with a website not yet? Most probable it is than you are losing a great amount of clients and not even you have thought it. And it is that in€¦ Continuing

How to write our links to improve the positioning?

Some good text links could increase our ranking in Google of surprising way, but all they do not know it very clearly. There are many users at present who put the challenge of being number one in Google, nevertheless is not a simple task, but she is quite complex and that he requires of much work. €¦ To continue

Sathurbot: The threat of WordPress

If you have a site in WordPress, to perhaps it interests to know in question this you. Discover it next to us. The computer science hackeos or attacks are at your service of the day. And it is that the ciberdelincuentes know how to go a step forward. In this occasion they have been worth of WordPress websites to distribute one€¦ To continue

For which WordPress is what your business needs?

It knows the reasons that make to WordPress the best platform to develop your website. To count on a website has become something fundamental in these times. And in this same sense, WordPress has been raised €“ for already much as main the tools for those who wish to obtain a website with aims€¦ To continue

Errors that never you must commit with your domain Web

Long or complex domains to remember are part of the habitual mistakes. It finds out what is what you must avoid, so that you are successful with your project Web. For a company, the image is it everything. Of this one, for example, which will depend that it generates confidence in the clients, is crucial to reach new businesses, that€¦ To continue

What are bots and botnets and how they can affect to you?

These programs can seize of your equipment and rob personal information. What are and how to protect to you? Find out it now. Nowadays, the malicious programs are many that make the rounds at present and that can harm our equipment. By the same it is that more than ever it is necessary to be kind to the forms that they have€¦ To continue

How to choose the correct format of images for your design?

GIF, JPG or png? To choose the correct format of image can optimize your website much more. It discovers which is the indicated one for your page. The content is one of the most important elements, as much for the users, as for positioning effects SEO. By the same it is that each of these aspects must€¦ Continue

What is backup and why it is so important?

Correct backup will cause that your data and information are insurances. It learns more on this concept, so used in the world of computer science. In computer science subjects the security is an important issue. And it is that to be cautious he is something crucial if we do not want to put in risk our information nor the one of€¦ Continuing

What are the Control Panels and which are used?

CPanel and Plesk take the advantage as far as the more popular Control Panels. Why? Find out it now. If you are thinking to contract to a service of Web hosting, then you must know that one of the central points that you will have to evaluate is the Control Panel. Probably, and if so they are not internalised in€¦ Continuing

How to know if it is a good one or to an evil hosting?

The price, the obstacles, the support and the scalability are determining factors at the time of choosing by one of them hosting. It discovers other elements that you do not have to ignore. Since we have already seen, hosting is vital if we want to have a website and to approach us the users. This type on watch is€¦ To continue